Saturday, January 10, 2009

An Interview with...Hoozits.

Int: So, Justice in Michigan….

Me: Call me “Justice”….

Int: So, Justice, what is the point of this PharmaLittle blog…

Me: The point is to continue some of the discussions many of us had on Pharmalot. We are not journalists, and there are other places to get pharma headlines. But we’re pretty good talkers and, occasionally, even thinkers.

Int: So you miss Pharmalot?

Me: Yikes! A lot of us wake up howling with grief in the middle of the night. We deny, beg, bargain, plea. This is the most painful thing I’ve gone through since I broke up with Debbie Greenberg in ninth grade. Debbie feels the same way.

Int: Sounds serious….

Me: Me and Debbie? Absolutely.

Int: But seriously….

Me: But seriously, Ed Silverman provided what can only he could do. And nobody did it better. Or even close. It was extraordinary. But since we made some friends on the ‘Lot, and had some good discussion, we hoped at least some of that could continue, triggered by a few key pharma news items and the like.

Int: Did you think of the name, “PharmaLittle”?

Me: No. That was Former Marketing Exec. My ideas were things like Pharmapalooza, Pharmacabana, PharmainDaDell - stuff like that. I guess that’s why I was never in marketing.

Int: How would you compare PharmaLittle with, say, the Wall Street Journal Health blog?

Me: We’re a helluva lot funnier. Closer to Leviticus.

Int: Will we see any humor on the site?

Me: Absolutely not.


  1. Justice, Nice interview. I can feel the easing of withdrawal pains. The shakiness is is is is subsiding. The sun will come up tomorrow!

  2. Thanks Justice! You should be a comedian.

    I'm looking forward to continuing some of our discussions here. On a more serious note, do you have any sense on when a decision on the Levine case will be announced? I can't believe that Ed quit pharmalot prior to the decision!

  3. Unless, of course, the sun is preempted....

  4. Great Interview JiM - we may have found a new calling for you.....

  5. Hi Nathan and all - I wish the world followed Levine as you and we do!!

    Initially, the speculation was that it might be not until spring that the decision would come down. I heard a rumor, probably meaningless, it might be sooner.

    While these things are always mysterious, it _may_ make sense that the longer it takes, the more likely it will be a close decision - perhaps with more than one affirming and dissenting opinions. In general, the Justices don't like to go there if they don't have to, and thus a quicker outcome.

    But....only they know.....

    This is from JiM, but for some reason the system only lets me post as anonymous....weird....

  6. Experiment, to see if I am now JiM....

  7. JiM, why did it take so long for my post to show up? Do you have to approve all comments? (I made that post on Friday -- but it only showed up today!)

  8. Hi Nathan - When the site was first set up, it was on an "approve" default. We have removed that, so posts should now show up immediately. That is certaily what we want.

    I have found that my own posts don't always 'get there' the first time, and I have to try again. Hopefully, we can get that bug out as well!

  9. Now, after the withdrawal symptoms have subsided, Ed Silverman contemplates a comeback!

  10. Wow. I forgot this thread even existed. We hope so. Maybe at least a reunion tour. Would be fun for the whole "Lot" to do Vegas, Motown, Apple, Windy City....


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