Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A Heartfelt Valentine Story

We thank Nancy Frugé for sending us a NYT’s piece that illustrates the meaning of love. The story focuses on love, faith and trust. It shows not only a husband’s love for and dependence on his wife, but also how very important trust in his doctor and medication is to them both. See: Love in the Time of Prostate Cancer - Well Blog -


  1. Dianne, thank you for posting this love story.

    Prostate cancer is the second most common type of cancer among men in the United States. [1]
    The pharmaceutical business bloggers among us deserve special recognition for the roles they play in the lives of patients like Mr. Jennings.


  2. Speaking of, scientists at the University of Michigan have just announced that they have identified a potential marker for aggressive prostate cancer. Look:

    Happy Valentine’s Day, University of Michigan scientists!

  3. University of Michigan?

    I thought only lunatics worked there....Maybe they are restricted to the social scientists.

  4. Sometimes we focus so much on the negative aspects of Big Pharma and Corporate Health Care, that we forget about the human side of the story. Thanks for the reminder.

  5. Hi Nancy, thank you for Dana’s story. It was straight from the heart, and he told it so beautifully.

    That is promising news from the U of M. It is a great hospital, university and, last but not least, has a great football team. Sometimes the Wolverine’s have a bit of trouble, though, when facing-off against Michigan State’s Spartans.

    Have a Happy Valentine’s.


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