Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Bayer to Run "Corrective Ads" for Yaz Mis-promotion

In what Advertising Age (see link) calls a "sea change," FDA has required Bayer to run DTC ads _correcting_ what FDA believes was misleading in their original DTC.

This gives "birth control" a whole new set of connotations....

In any event, I don't know if this is to "make an example" or will become a pattern. Either way, it obviously represents a sea change away from FDA's ways of regulating (or not) DTC over the past several years.

Apparetly, Bayer also is required to submit all ads for pre-approval for whatever time period. As you know, a typical pattern has been that ads not in compliance are often off-the-air by the time FDA has gotten around to objecting.

So... new ball game?


  1. If interested, read through this continuing medical education activity (co-sponsored by Bayer), on PMDD and its treatment, which includes YAZ (made by Bayer):

    What do you think? Is the content fair and balanced?

  2. I'll try. The problem with having to paste in links is that it takes one away from the site. So, ideally, the one-click option for us lazy folks.

  3. For the lazy folks: click on "Peanut brittle" to view the CME on PMDD.

  4. Wow Justice! That would be lovely, and just in time for spring training! Hopefully, the FDA’s correction idea is a trend that will be popular for all of pharma. If you have any clout, I’d like to add a few other corrections.

    “Wish List of Pharma Corrections”

    ● The review and correction of all previous lies.
    ● Correcting pharma’s part in stripping the good people of Michigan of their civil right of due process when harmed by an FDA-approved drug. (It’s time guys, it’s been 14 years.)
    ● Correcting their past behavior of employing lobbyists to influence law makers, i.e., June 5, 2008, 400 lobbyists sent to Lansing to blow kisses at legislators—making sure the state’s draconian law is never rescinded.
    ● Correcting the media lid on preemption.
    ● Correcting, by abolishing, their agenda of making FDA preemption the “law of the land.”

    I could go on, but as you can see they’ve been playing bad and their batting average is low. It’s a new game, now, and it’s beginning to look as though their old modes of operation are striking out.

  5. Casey,

    From what I gather, you have considerably more clout than I do. So perhaps you and your peers can look into these issues.

    Of course, they go beyond the FDA. It might require some sort of intervention beyond the usual.

  6. Dear earthling,

    I hear ya, and please be assured we are working on it. As major leaguers, performing beyond the usual is what we do best.


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