Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The FDA and "Plan B"

A federal judge has ordered the FDA to let 17 year old's obtain "Plan B" .

"Plan B" is the back up birth control pill that can be obtained without prescription through your pharmacy in the event that you suspect your regular birth control has failed. You have up to 3 days after the "failure" to take the pill. It is essentially a high dose of birth control drug that either interferes with ovulation or does not allow the implantation of the fertilized egg.

Folks at the conservative family research council say that this is very similar to abortion and furthermore fear that abused women will be coerced, or forced to take the pill.

The decision on "Plan B" caused quite a commotion in 2005, causing Susan Wood, the top FDA official for women's health to resign from the FDA over the matter.

It was rumoured at the time that even the Bush White House was involved in the decision.

This issue does usually cause quite a debate. There were even a group of pharmacists who were refusing to sell "Plan B" as it violates their religious beliefs. Did political and ideology factors play a role in the FDA's decision?

Here is the link to the article
Plan B:

Is it abortion? Does the FDA have the right to restrict the sale of this drug? What do you suggest can be done to overcome the concerns of the family research council that abused women may be forced or otherwise coerced into taking the drug?


  1. Hi must have missed the suggestion that abused women would be coerced into taking the drug. To me, if that were true, it would be abusing them some more.

    As for the Bush White House, nothing would surprise me.

  2. Really? The fact that an abused woman may be forced to take the drug means it shouldn't be available to any woman? What kind of logic is that? If the Family Research Council is so concerned about the welfare of abused women, perhaps it can set up shelters and lobby for stricter laws against abusing spouses. Or maybe it would be better for the dysfunctional family if an abused woman has a child with her abuser. Then he can have two people to abuse.

    I think what really needs to be done to allay the concerns of the Family Research Council is to give them a collective slap upside the head. Maybe it will give them a better insight into the needs of abused women.

  3. Will that straighten out their silly little heads? Hard to know.

    Yes, good to know the family research council is so concerned about women that they are ready to lie and fear-monger in order to "protect" them.

    Great folk.

  4. Even though Bush thought he was God, it wasn’t his job or the FDA’s to withhold this pill based on politics or the moral reasoning of any group.

    The American people do not need the FDA to make ethical decisions for them. They need the FDA to protect their health by ensuring safe food and drugs. That’s all.

  5. No, Dianne, Dr. Biederman is God.


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