Thursday, March 5, 2009

PharmaLittle - The Words We've Used 3/5/2009

The new edition of PharmaLittle Word Cloud provided by Wordle
The larger the word, the more it has been used. Click on the cloud to see it full size.

I think this is the first time one of our esteemed posters has made the cloud. 


  1. Is it "Justice" in white, near the top, just West of center?

  2. No, it's "Bill"....

    Actually, it is neither....just keeping us on a roll....

  3. I've searched the area and it IS "Justice" and, drum roll..."Former" - on right about 1/3 up from the bottom.

    Who's Bill?? Do I know him?

  4. No. But you missed, "Nathan."

  5. Dear Mr. Pants,

    By golly, good chap, you are correct! Poor Watson bumbled this one, I’m afraid.

    The Officials Winners are:

    Nathan, West Coast Poster; Justice, Midwest Heavyweight, and darling Former, East Coast Diva.



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