Thursday, April 2, 2009

The Good Guys

Kate Rawson of THE RPM REPORT gives us a window into the character of Joshua Sharfstein.

After completing his undergraduate degree, Joshua worked a short while for Sidney Wolfe at Public Citizen. While there, he helped write a report that found, “…states without adequate inpatient mental health facilities jailed mentally ill patients rather than providing appropriate treatment.”

During his first year of med school, Sharfstein urged his classmates to return books donated by Sandoz pharmaceutical company. Above the drop box was a letter to the president, Timothy Rothwell:

"We recognize that while the books are gifts, they are not free," the letter states.

"They--and similar gifts and incentives offered to other medical students and physicians--are paid for by consumers in the form of higher drug prices. Accepting gifts from companies violates an ethical obligation to our future patients."
- The Harvard Crimson :: News :: Students Return Free Books

Through the years, Sharfstein and Wolfe have collaborated on issues such as Pfizer’s marketing practices and children’s cough medicine.

It’s a new day at the FDA. I feel better already.

See: THE RPM REPORT - Following Up With Sid Wolfe (Part 2)

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  1. It will certainly be interesting to see how JS and MH handle the recent "gag order" that went out within FDA.

    As well as what happens with the old guard--Lumpkin, Woodcock, et. al..


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