Monday, May 18, 2009


Size Doesn't Matter!

In a study that has already been done a zillion times, research shows that even small trinkets influence attitudes toward drugs and, presumably, prescribing behavior. Read about it in the NYT:

The two-part study, "All Gifts, Large and Small," showed the same thing a few years ago. And it has been replicated and replicated elsewhere. Is this because lawsuits are crushing innovation in social psychology? If so, we are all in trouble. Our access to the next life-saving social psychology study could be in jeopardy.

The more interesting studies in this area suggest that the reason "size doesn't matter" is the norm of reciprocity. You scratch my back--even a bit--and it kind of sets me up to scratch yours. Whether an hour of reiki in Hawaii would make you even more inclined to rub my back seeems likely, but perhaps we knew that already.

Of course, we also knew this already.



  1. Somewhat off topic, then again maybe not, but I think the attached link to an article in today's Science Section of the NY Times may be of interest to the readers here:

  2. Thanks James, interesting reading. It speaks to the never ending cycle of providing new products, the advantage of which is maybe only that they are new.

    Because after all the only thing standing in the way of the next miracle drug are the limitations put on the pharmaceutical industry to sell whatever they want, to whomever they want for whatever price they want, no matter what.

    Anyone caught looking at the man behind the curtain will be soundly chastised and accused of being self serving Dorothy. And that goes for your little friend Toto too!

  3. Thanks Jaynesday, I thought it was interesting and it kind of reminded me of the marketing plans for all “new and improved” existing products. The only obvious difference is that the new so called improved pharmaceuticals, a good number having very little efficacy over existing products, enjoy patent protection and a dedicated monopolistic distribution network.


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