Thursday, June 11, 2009

Bravo - Vermont Bans Pharma Gifts to Doc's

"MONTPELIER – Gov. James Douglas signed into law Monday what is believed to the strongest ban in the country on pharmaceutical company marketing to doctors and other medical professionals.

The new law, which takes effect July 1, restricts nearly all forms of financial contributions and gifts between the companies that make prescription drugs and the medical professionals in Vermont who prescribe them."

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1.) What are the chances of this becoming law in other States?
2.) Anticipated response from Pharma?


  1. re: other states, probably the same ones that do not ban gay marriage would be supportive of such legislation.

    re: pharma, we will hear that it will be the end of innovation, life-saving drugs, docs will no longer be able to practice because they will never hear about the latest life-saving drugs, people will die in the streets by the thousands, and--worst of all--the pizza industry will be devastated.

  2. Kudos to Gov. Douglas and supporters who lobbied for the passage of this bill. Hopefully, the winds of change will blow throughout Canada and the US.

    The new bill extinguishes loopholes that hid financial relationships between pharmaceutical companies and doctors. Further, “…the attorney general's office plans to construct a searchable, on-line database for patients to find out if their doctor has taken money from the drug companies.”

    re: pharma, it will be the end of make-believe and killer drugs, docs will no longer eat free at fine restaurants, people will learn they are basically healthy, and--best of all—it will be found that pizza is good for heart and soul.

  3. Physicians will set up "not-for-profits" intended to provide "education" or "research". Pharmaceutical companies will make tax deductable contributions to the "charity. The director board of directors will consist of influencial physicians who will pay themselves for their participation as board members. Only pennies on the dollar will go to "education" which might consist of renting a hotel conference room once a year for an hour of CME.

  4. And maybe Bernie Madoff could manage the tax-free charity.

    One good turn deserves another…


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