Thursday, July 30, 2009


Mylan and FDA Continue to Contradict Each Other

While Mylan pharma continues to insist that FDA's investigation (see below) is complete, and FDA already denied that is true, Mylan's CEO reasserted today that the investigation is complete while FDA again said that it is ongoing.

Do we have a problem in communicatin'? Or is it something else?

Here is a summary of the story to this point:

Addendum: In another report, Heather Bresch, who had been COO, has been promoted to President of Mylan. Ms. Bresch is the daughter of the Governor of West Virginia, where Mylan's main manufacturing facility is located.

Readers of Pharmalot will recall that Ms. Bresch is also the person whose MBA from West Virginia University was questioned and eventually revoked byWVU.


  1. Dr. Hatfield McCoyJuly 31, 2009 at 1:14 PM

    Connect the dots....

  2. Has Mylan’s CEO, Robert Coury, protested too much? Or maybe he has been on one of Mylan’s anti-psychotic drugs that bypassed the company’s warning systems. But then, who would know. Not Bob.

  3. Just the kind of COO I would promote to President in the midst of a highly flammable controversy.

    Makes sense though if you are a company that thinks it's OK to ignore production alarms rather than doing one of two things - fix the production problem or approve adjustment of the warning parameters (if it's safe).

    Yes, if that's the kind of company you are, then it's OK to promote a COO who had her MBA degree rescinded because she didn’t complete the course work and was accused of involvement in “cronyism”.

    It becomes clear that Mylan is a company that prefers to thumb its nose at requirements rather than follow them.

  4. I’d advise anyone not to take Mylan’s digestive drugs. Their crap is really hard to swallow.

  5. Guv'ner DaddyJuly 31, 2009 at 8:47 PM

    I took one of their hypertension pills and split it to get a smaller dose. Inside, there was a small piece of paper that said, "Earn your degree at home!"

  6. Forget it daddy, your baby has a great job…

  7. I went to college and got a B.


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