Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Twelve years it is!

The senators have voted to extend biologics for twelve years of protection before generics can be made.

The president was defeated, wonder what will happen with health care reform.


  1. great minds--see post on this issue on thread below....

  2. It is very clear how our government is being corrupted and bribed and how the health and welfare of the American people they have been elected to serve is of little concern.

    This isn't news is it?

    Just say no to prescription drugs of all kinds...

  3. Actually, is this issue resolved or is it part of a larger bill? I am assuming there still needs to be a House/Senate conference committee on the relevant legislation. So a loss in the Senate does not, I don't think, mean a done deal.

    Can anyone clarify?

  4. See thread above for clarification of where things stand.


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