Saturday, August 22, 2009


You Be the Judge

AP reports that Mylan is suing the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette in response to the story they ran about the drugmaker's Morgantown, WV, plant. The focus of the suit appears to the the paper's use of "propietary" documents, which Mylan wants returned, along with damages awarded.

Here is Mylan's own release about the suit:

In the meantime, a BNET summary suggests that what the paper reported was essentially the same as what FDA found, although with a more ominous ring. That story can be found at:

You be the judge.


  1. Commenting on my own post, the following questions arise:

    1. The original article in the Post Gazette suggested that the overriding of warnings had been going on for roughly two years.

    Lay questions:

    a)If true, how is it possible that the company can be sure that no defective product got out? Were they catching the problem as it was happening?

    b)The story also suggested that the practice was at least relatively widespread, or well known, involving every shift. If that is true, how could it have gone on that long, and involve that many people, without resolution?

    c) Indirectly, the article suggests that there was a culture at the plant, or in parts of it, which was (to be most generous), permissive if not outright facilitative of overrding warnings. If this is true, how do we understand that culture and management's relationship to it, particularly if they were aware of the problem at some point earlier than two years (and assuming that number is correct)?

    In order to fully reassure those who were, as Mylan claims, inappropriately alarmed by the initial article, answers to such questions would help a good deal.

  2. Further piece from BNET about Mylan's longstanding battle with the Pittsburgh Post Gazette. Among other things, it appears they unocvered the story of the fraudulent MBA.

    The writer speculates that there is a single whistleblower responsible for both that andd the recent stories and that getting the documents from the paper will help reveal who that is.


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