Friday, September 11, 2009


Spooks to Form own Journal--Name it!

Must be a slow news day. the NYT published yet another piece about how many ghosts write major journal articles, the relevant editors express relevant surprise, and life goes on (even for the ghosts).

What you may not know is that the Ghosts are preparing to form their own peer-reviewed medical journal with the hope of competing in the majors. "We're tired of being booed by the media," said one translucent source, until he disappeared. "We're going to float out on our own."

The name of the new journal remains uncertain. JAGA, the obvious source, may not be it. A number of Ghosts are also members of the American Science Fiction Writers Association, and so linking up with that organization, perhaps not too publicly, is also a possibility. _Spiritual Medicine_ was rejected as too hippy dippy.

There are rumors the look of the new journal may also be different. Instead of the usual covers, there may simply be light white cloth, with a pair of eyes cut out. "But we don't want to be confused with the Klan," said one member. "No problem," said another. "The Klan does it for free."

We'll see where all this flits.


  1. Perhaps it will add a bit of space to this story if people offer suggestions for the name of the new, fully-ghostwritten journal. Some suggestions already appear in the opening post. Here are some others:

    Old Pharma's Almanac

    As You Like It


    (keep at it....)

  2. More options:

    Mark Twain


    Cherry Pickins

  3. New England Journal of Made-Us-Sin

    The Punk Sheet

    The Black Sheet

    The Bull Sheet

  4. Ghostbastards (who you gonna call)

  5. Ghost Writers In The Sty
    Science that’s simply to Die for

    Only The Shadow Knows

    Chimeric Concubine’s Chemical Quarterly

    Revenant Revenue Raisers Rewrite of Repugnant Results

    Ann Rice Stole My Day Job

    Yes Virginia, They Really Do Shoot The Bull

    Valley Of The Succubus

    Medusa’s Caduceus

    Ichabod Crane’s Compendium of Craps Table Recoupment

    Earl Spooks Body and Fender Journal
    I’ll Paint Any Drug for just $99.99

  6. OK, I'm biased but I think The Bull Sheet is the winner so far......


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