Monday, October 5, 2009


Astra Asks for "More Teeth" from FDA

In an upcoming speech, AZ's CEO will ask for an FDA with "teeth," so it can do its regulatory job more efficiently. The Times of London has it here:

Readers will remember last year's lurid emails in the WSJ from AZ employeess discussing studies they buried or camouflaged, particularly concerning Seroquel and its links with obesity/diabetes. They are in a post below that I can't find (someone will). So, I suppose, this request makes sense: "Stop me before I sleaze again."

Anyway, if the teeth don't cut it, the DOJ may have an alternative approach.


  1. Search this blog with the term, "Seroquel." No shortage of grim stuff.

  2. What's needed here is a walk on from Penn and Teller explaining Sleight of Hand.

    AZ cries for a strengthened FDA will do nicely, the way Teller ditches a lit cigarette, to Misdirect the audience away from strengthening DOJ instead.

  3. Well, in fairness to our institutions....FDA and DOJ do work together, via FDA's Office of Criminal Investigation. They were at the core of the Pfizer busts.


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