Saturday, October 10, 2009


Ed Has Returned

OK, we jumped the gun slightly on an earlier post. But this is even better--to let Ed be the one to announce his return.

Above all, we hope the whole lawn party comes back as well, and some new folks too. As relayed, it was the talk across perspectives--to the degree it could veer away from the nasty--that was so wonderful about Pharmalot.

As Ed has conveyed, the new Pharmalot will be smaller, in terms of posts, than what he created as a full-time gig. But I doubt that will mean it will be any less informative and useful.

Here on 'Lil, we are likely to focus on issues of greatest concern to us--device preemption, Michigan's full preemption law, pharma and reform, FDA, and interviews with a variety of peanuts and illicitly promoted drugs.

What the heck.


  1. Wonderful news! So looking forward to reading Pharmalot again.

  2. This is great news. It will surely be good to have a flag bearer like Ed and Pharmalot leading the charge and stirring up the discussions. Back to the garden party.

    Kudos to all here who have done the same in our P/little way.

    BNet reports

    To PhamaLittle fans note the last sentence of the article.

  3. Hey, that's great. We made BNet.

    Fantastic that P'lot is coming back. But Halfababy stays here.

  4. Actually, I'll be able to be part of both. Or both parts.....

    never mind.

  5. PharmaLittle says: "The sky is falling, the sky is falling!"

  6. Yes, I imagine the staff at P/Little will have to take a pay cut and or lay off 50% of the work force.

    I'm taking up collections to save the helicopter, the lava lamps and the espresso maker.


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