Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Swine flu Vaccine - I think I'll.... nope not for me....

About the swine flu pandemic..

I am sorry for people who get sick with the flu, I am deeply sorry for anyone who becomes gravely ill and for those families who have lost a loved one.

At this point in time though, I am in morning over the missed opportunity we had to yet once again, teach our fellow human beings how to stay healthy. We've been extolled to wash our hands, get the vaccine. It goes much deeper than that. We should be sending flyers to homes about eating healthy, getting out in the fresh air, exercising....No, instead we are opting for the "quick fix solution" - which really isn't a fix at all.

Follow the link to the article about how no flu vaccines have actually been proven to work. The well known Cochrane Institute has once again done their homework....

However, the flu vaccines have injected lots of money into the health care system, not to mention the big three companies scrambling to meet the demands as a result of all the fear mongering.

The response from the pharma industry this week is announcements of job cuts - thanks guys....

With CEO salary earnings at some Pharma's reaching some of the highest peaks every reported, well I wonder who is the real "swine" this flu season.

On average 41,400 people died each year in the United States between 1979 and 2001 from influenza. Interestingly 44,000 people die prematurely each year in the U.S. from not having access to health care, but I digress...

So, read the article in the link and give it some thought then cast your vote on the poll....

Are we really a society that uses/abuses the most vulnerable of our population and exploits them as a means to an end?


  1. Number of H1N1 Swine Flu Pandemy cases grows (already more than 30,000 deaths worldwide) and you or one of your family could have this fatal disease. If you want to protect yourself and your family, friends, colleagues - bookmark the address - - and send it to all who you know, may be so you save their lives. This is a list of social emergency medicines that can be used against Swine Flu H1N1.

  2. Dr. Eva,

    44,000 Americans die every year because they cannot access health care.....Thanks for your advice.....

    How many of the 30,000 world wide deaths are due to the fact that one of the largest countries of the world is not providing access to health care to more than 10% of their patient populaiton?

    So, some people thank you for your advice, but I know some peopl who cannot access.....

    Who are we kidding....We are discriminating against the very people who will be more likely to get this disease....

  3. I'm sick and tired of the complaints about the H1N1 vaccine. A professor I know in Canada just died from H1N1 -- 38 years old, perfectly healthy, father of 3 little kids. See article below.

    Another friend-of-a-friend just died from H1N1 after contracting it post-surgery and getting pnumonia.

    My wife and I and my two kids just got the vaccine last week. I'm sick of the people complaining... Just shut up and don't the vaccine if you don't want it.

  4. I've lost friends too, not just from H1N1, but other flu's. Some of them were vaccinated against flu's...

    All of this has served to remind me that I am going to die. There is no cure for death. If you are human, you are going to die. What about my 34 year old friend, father of three? What about my friends who have lost their children?

    This fear mongering and preying on people's fear about death is just disgusting to watch.

    The day I really accepted the inevitability of death was the day I really started to live.

    At least there is one doctor who tells it like it is

    Now tell us Nathan, did you get the shot with the adjuvant or without?

  5. Following are quotes from Barbara Loe Fisher’s piece, “H1N1: Fact or Fiction?” As you may know, Ms. Fisher is the Co-founder & President of the National Vaccine Information Center. See:, 11/12/09

    Regarding H1N1:

    Ms. Fisher advises that there is no legal recourse for those who are harmed or die from the H1N1 vaccination:

    “No Liability for Vaccine Makers”

    “It was enough to make Congress give drug companies more than a billion dollars of our taxes to quickly create H1N1 swine flu vaccines and then throw in another couple of billion dollars for health officials to deliver and aggressively promote vaccination in Sesame Street ads and on the internet and radio and TV. And while they were at it, Congress shielded everyone who has anything to do with making, promoting and giving swine flu vaccines from all liability in civil court whenever somebody gets hurt or dies after getting vaccinated….”

    However, there was good news for older Americans:

    “Americans over 60 were told they didn’t need H1N1 vaccine because we were still protected by antibodies we got when we recovered from being infected with similar H1N1 flu strains in the past.”

    In other words, older people who suffered from the flu in the past were also building a stronger and longer lasting defense against it.

    Shouldn’t we all be doing that? What if a truly tragic pandemic hits? How will younger people who have been receiving vaccinations fare?

    “Truth and freedom are not free, especially when there are so many doing so much to limit the people’s access to both.”

    Failing to advise an unsuspecting public of possible risks from H1N1 and also of their lack of legal recourse if they or a loved one are harmed or die from this vaccination is a total betrayal of public trust.

    Related:, 11/12/09,
    Barbara Loe Fisher, 9/11/09

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